malerische Landschaften in der Gegend Füssen Voralpenseen Lechgletscher
Kunst, KulturFüssen – the picturesque town in the south-east of the Bavarian administrative district Swabia proudly offers arts, culture, relaxation and leisure in abundance.

The area around Füssen was formed in various ice ages, in particular due to the force of the Lech glaciers. Today still numerous moraine hills and most of the pre-Alp lakes are witnesses of those times.

zweitälteste Stadt des AllgäuesFindings from the end of the Old Stone Age (14,000 to 9,000 BC), a vast range of materials of the Middle Stone Age indicate a temporary settlement of people. Due to the campaigns of Augustus' step sons the area was romanised gradually. In order to improve the connection of the new area with the Roman Empire Emperor Claudius instructed the construction of a military road, the Via Claudia Augusta. As trade route this road contributed in the Medieval Ages to the economic rise of the town.

Today Füssen's picturesque pedestrianised zone follows its routes with its old gables and dead angles.  But the second-oldest town of the Allgau provides more evidence of its interesting past.

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